Bedspreads and capes are a mandatory attribute of the burial process. Our consultants in showrooms will show the whole palette, tell and advise. Choice of those responsible for the funeral. A variety of colors, designs, materials, features of framing and decoration. Here you will buy a church set. These are crosses for different purposes, icons, different in height and color of the candle, a passing prayer, etc., as well as the contacts of priests at the farewell service at the funeral. During the funeral, you will order everything you need: stands for wreaths and coffins or sarcophagi, easel stands for portraits and flowers, a set of artificial and live candles of different calibers and heights. You will be offered live and artificial floristics of different directions: for a hearse, for a cemetery, for a farewell hall, etc. Various accessories, easels, stands, urns for the earth, ekibana, paths from fabric, artificial lawns, elements of a decor and drapery. Our experts will advise towels of different stacking: for bread, icons, large and long - for lowering the coffin into the pit, etc. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of eternal memory and love, beauty and care.